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Hi, my name is James Allen and I’m the Founder and Principal Digital Marketer at Search Paladin. Search Paladin is a specialist internet marketing and SEO company.

We only work with businesses who we can get tangible results for. We not only apply best practice Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) but we are at the cutting edge of the industry, frequently engaging with and exchanging strategies with the best SEO experts in the world.

Search Paladin is about giving the businesses we serve the strength of online marketing that will ensure their clients and customers find the quality products and services they have on offer. Search Paladin is built on transparency with our clients and getting them results.

All we have is our reputation therefore we will only work with clients who we can deliver substantial value to.

Our Story

So why did I start Search Paladin? In 2012 my wife made the transition from a video editor/producer/graphic designer to a yoga teacher. As part of this transition we both started developing an understanding of internet marketing, social media advertising and SEO.

For the first 2 years we only applied what we were learning to her yoga business, while she worked full time on teaching yoga, and I worked full time as an engineering consultant. Then in 2015, an opportunity to work with some of the best SEO professionals in the world presented itself to me.

Since then, I have dedicated every spare moment of my time to developing best practice SEO skills and applying them. The results I was achieving were better than I could ever have imagined. Once I started seeing these results, I decided that a career change was necessary, put my career as an engineering consultant on hold, and decided to work full time as a SEO consultant.