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Mackay SEO Services

Our Core Services

While we can break down our service into smaller components and undertake them separately, we only really recommend a single service which is our Complete SEO Package. The Complete SEO Package will ensure your business gets lasting improvements in your rankings, giving you a positive return on your marketing investment. The specific components of our service includes: Keyword Research, On-Page SEO (which includes optimising Titles, Content, Tags, Categories, Meta Descriptions, Keyword Density, etc), Mobile Friendly Site Optimisation, Off-Page SEO, Social Media Optimisation, Google Analytics (measuring your increase in web traffic), Rank Tracking, and much more. Put simply, we will undertake everything needed to get your website and social properties exposed to MORE POTENTIAL CUSTOMERS AND CLIENTS, in order for your business to get MORE QUALIFIED LEADS, so you can make MORE SALES!

What Next? Free SEO Analysis!

We hope this gives you some information about the search engine optimisation service that we offer. We don’t claim to have any silver bullet and short term solutions, because they simply don’t exist. Also, we can’t help every business and therefore we will only work with clients who we know we can achieve a return on their investment. We apply best practice SEO and work at the cutting edge of the industry, frequently masterminding with the best SEO professionals in the world.

Our focus is always to help our clients achieve their objectives of bringing the quality products and services they have on offer to more customers and bigger markets. If you would like find out if we can help your business, please visit our DISCOVERY FORM and we will get back to you within 48 hours with a free SEO analysis.


The Search Paladin Team