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The trusted choice for SEO in Townsville

Search engine optimisation (SEO) can be a powerful key to business success and growth. Search Paladin can help you rise to the top of Google, generate more leads, and achieve more sales. Partner with our search engine marketing specialist, to take your business in positive new directions.

Search Paladin ranking in Google top 3 spots for keyword Townsville SEO

Our core focus is helping Townsville businesses get found on Google. We help our clients  dramatically improve their search engine rankings on Google, Yahoo and Bing – the biggest search engines in the world. Our speciality is search engine marketing (SEM), but we also offer services in WordPress web design, social media marketing, search engine advertising, and Youtube video marketing.

We are Townsville locals

Search Paladin is local to Townsville, North Queensland. While we work with clients from around Australia and internationally (given the Internet has no boundaries), our focus is helping businesses in Townsville. We want businesses in our local community to succeed, and we help them by providing high-end SEO and digital marketing services.

We pride ourselves in being founded and operated in Townsville. You may have noticed other SEO agencies that, at first glance, appear to have a presence in Townsville. However, if you look closer, you may find they are actually located in Brisbane, another Australian city, or even overseas.

Before you decide who to work with for marketing your local business online, you might want to consider using a local business that understands the North Queensland community. We are always happy to meet in person. We can meet to discuss your business objectives and current search marketing strategies, although this is not necessary.

SEO specialists in Townsville

We are currently the only active Townsville business to specialise in SEO. While other businesses might specialise in web design and digital marketing, our core service is search engine optimisation.

We are invested in helping clients increase their organic search engine traffic and achieve long-term brand exposure. Search Paladin is experienced, knowledgeable and passionate about SEO for businesses in Townsville.

Our own Google success story

The Search Paladin brand was founded in early 2016, which means we have recently gone through a search optimisation campaign ourselves. The keywords for our business relate to SEO and digital marketing, which are highly competitive (Google Ads can cost as much as $31 per click).

We are proud of our first page presence on Google for a range of competitive keywords, and the results we have achieved in a short period of time. We are also pleased with our results for reputation management. This means we dominate Google with positive and useful results when people search for our business name.

Trust and integrity

If we can rank our own business for very competitive keywords, you can trust we can rank YOUR business. If you already have an established online presence you will likely achieve much faster results. Also, very few industries have keywords as competitive as search engine and marketing industries.

The search engine marketing specialist you partner with, should work with honesty and integrity. At Search Paladin, we will only implement SEO strategies for your business that we have implemented ourselves – and for our friends and family.

How we work

While we can break down our SEO service into smaller components and undertake them separately, we do recommend our full service for best results. Our Complete SEO Package will ensure your business gets lasting improvements in your rankings, giving you a positive return on your marketing investment.

The specific components of our SEO service includes:

  • keyword research
  • on-page SEO (including optimising URLs, titles, content, images, tags, meta descriptions, keyword density, etc)
  • mobile friendly website updates
  • off-Page SEO (including social media optimisation, directory submission, guest posting, link outreach, etc)
  • Google Search Console setup and management
  • Google Analytics setup and management (measuring your increase in web traffic)
  • keyword rank tracking

Put simply, we undertake everything needed to get your website and social properties exposed to more potential customers. We help your business get MORE qualified leads, so you can make MORE sales.

Extend your SEO with Google Ads

Search Paladin is now offering services in pay-per-click (PPC) marketing, to further assist your business in achieving success on Google. There are two ways to get noticed on Google – search engine optimisation, and search engine advertising such as PPC marketing. Both options have their strengths, and they work exceptionally well together.

Google Ads, formerly known as AdWords, allows businesses to appear in search results by paying a small fee each time a prospective customer clicks on your ad. Google Ads is an affordable way to boost your business in a short space of time. Campaigns can be scaled depending on your budget and objectives.

SEO is the best option for long-term success, but website visitors from Google Ads are almost immediate. A PPC campaign can help your business increase exposure now. As Search Paladin are certified Google Ads partners, we can help customise the right search marketing strategy for your business.

Let’s begin, with a complimentary SEO Analysis

Search Paladin is ready to create a new future for your business – generate new leads, expand your web presence, and attract new customers. Learn how search engine optimisation can boost your own unique business, through a complimentary SEO analysis.

Please complete the form on our Discovery Page, and Search Paladin will contact you with a free analysis of your current website, and strategies to help you achieve SEO success.