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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) can be a powerful key to business success and growth. If you a looking for an Internet and Search Engine Marketing specialist, look no further. Search Paladin helps Townsville businesses get found in Google. While we specialise in Search Marketing, we also undertake WordPress Web Design and website updates, Social Media set-ups and Video Marketing. We help our clients to dramatically improve their search engine rankings in Google, Youtube (for video marketing), Yahoo and Bing, the biggest search engines in the world.

While we work with clients from around Australia and Internationally (given the internet has no boundaries), our focus is to provide the best SEO and digital marketing services to local businesses in Townsville. We pride ourselves in being founded and operated in Townsville, North Queensland.

You may have noticed other SEO agencies/companies that, at first glance, appear to have a presence in Townsville. However, if you look closer, you will often find they are actually located in Brisbane, another Australian city or even overseas. Before you decide who to work with for marketing your local business online, you might want to consider using a local business that understands the North Queensland community. We are also always happy to meet face to face to discuss your business objectives, your current search marketing strategies, although this is not necessary.

Where are we ranking?

The Search Paladin brand was founded in early 2016 (just over 6 months ago). So our website and all our other online properties are not very old. Given how new our online presence is, it will still be months before our SEO strategies take full affect and we can use our own rankings as absolute proof of our local SEO expertise. We have yet to reach the heights that we intend to for our target keywords e.g. “Townsville SEO”. We intend to and will have multiple online properties such as Facebook and Yelp on page 1, and ultimately, our website ranking at the top of page 1, #1 Google! As you can imagine, some of the hardest keywords to rank for are those related to SEO services!

Below are our rankings (as of September 2016) for some of the keywords we are targeting. We are more than happy to put our current rankings in the spotlight as we have done below. There is no hiding when it comes to SEO, as checking results are only a Google search away! (You can check these right now yourself if you don’t believe us). We will continue to update this page with our latest rankings in the months ahead and provide some graphs of our progress.

Our Keywords and Rankings

Search Paladin (1,040,000 results)

  • 7 out of 10 Keywords Page 1
  • #1 and #2 – Search Paladin Website homepage, plus 2 links inner page links
  • #4- LocalSearch listing
  • #6 – Search Paladin Facebook page
  • #7 – Whitepages listing
  • #9 – Truelocal listing
  • #10 – Yellowpages listing

May 2016 positions

  • #7 – White Pages
  • #11 – TrueLocal
  • #16 – Facebook
  • #17 – Facebook
  • #18 – Search Paladin Website

Search Paladin Townsville (11,200 results)

  • #1 to #10 – BLANKET FRONT PAGE DOMINATION including Google Maps Postcard

Search Paladin Townsville SEO (3,040 results)


The Best SEO in Townsville (1,290,000 results)

  • #3 – Search Paladin Website
  • #4 – Search Paladin Website – May 2016

Townsville SEO (244,000 results)

  • #2 – Search Paladin Website
  • #25 – Search Paladin Website – May 2016

SEO Townsville (244,000 results)

  • #3 – Search Paladin Website
  • #31 – Search Paladin Website – May 2016

Townsville Internet Marketing (97,500 results)

  • #12 – Search Paladin Website
  • #21 – Yelp – May 2016

The best SEO service in Townsville?

We are currently the only active Townsville business to specialise in SEO. While other businesses might specialise in Web Design, PPC Advertising, and Social Media Marketing, there is often nothing more important to your business than increasing organic search engine traffic and getting long-term brand exposure.

If we can rank our own business for very competitive keywords, which as you can see above we are, than you can trust that we can rank your business.

If you already have a well established online presence you will likely see us achieve much faster results for you too. We will only implement SEO strategies for your business that we have implemented and are comfortable implementing for our own business and for our friends and family.


Our Core Services

While we can break down our SEO service into smaller components and undertake them separately, we do recommend our full service for best results. Our Complete SEO Package. The Complete SEO Package will ensure your business gets lasting improvements in your rankings, giving you a positive return on your marketing investment.

The specific components of our service includes: Keyword Research, On-Page SEO (which includes optimising URLs, Titles, Content, Images, Tags, Meta Descriptions, Keyword Density, etc), Mobile Friendly website updates, Off-Page SEO, Social Media Optimisation, Google Analytics (measuring your increase in web traffic), Rank Tracking, and much more. Put simply, we undertake everything needed to get your website and social properties exposed to MORE POTENTIAL CUSTOMERS AND CLIENTS, in order for your business to get MORE QUALIFIED LEADS, so you can make MORE SALES!

So, What Next? Get Our Free, Custom SEO Analysis!

We hope you now understand the service that we offer. We don’t claim to have any silver bullet and short term solutions, because they simply don’t exist. Also, our SEO isn’t for every business and we will only work with clients we can provide value to.

Our focus is helping our clients achieve their objectives of bringing their quality products and services to more customers and bigger markets. If you would like find out if we can help your business, please visit our DISCOVERY PAGE and complete the form. We will get back to you within 3 business days with a free custom SEO analysis for your business.


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